designing the perfect brain

designing the mindOk so there probably is no such thing as the perfect brain, or at least its definition would be very subjective. But that fact aside, it is interesting to think of the brain and personality as something that can be designed. In a way, we are incredibly aware of this; when seen through the lens of parenting, it is obvious that we are taking an active role in designing a child’s personality. In other ways though, I think we are way behind the curve of science when it comes to accepting just how powerful this role can be. In the way our brains work, genetics is seeming less and less important while experience is appearing more influential by the day.

Now, if you take this idea a little further and you can start asking things like Don Tapscott asks in his article Designing Your Mind. I love this article as I have has many similar thoughts given my proclivity towards neuroplasticity and design! I’ve even thought about it a little through the principles of permaculture design and had a lively discussion with my sister about the role of cognitive sculpting in mainstream education. It seems like in time people will try to develop formulas for cultivating certain kinds of minds – peaceful, ambitious, organized, analytical etc – and try to effectively start reprogramming the populous. I wouldn’t actually mind being in control of that program, come to think of it :)

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