brain games make you smarter… but so does eating dirt?

You shouldn’t really need another reason to take a walk in the woods or dig in your garden – both exercise & being outside in nature have myriad benefits – but just in case, let me share some fascinating research. The results of a recent study suggest that the simple act of exposing yourself to common soil bacteria may actually improve you cognitive abilities. Apparently, the activity of the microorganism Mycobacterium vaccae stimulated growth of some neurons in the forebrain that resulted in increased levels of serotonin and decreased anxiety. So make sure you serve up a dose of dirt with your regiment of brain games!

Here’s the article: Want to get smarter? Eat Dirt


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  1. Trampolines says:

    Apparently exercise makes you smarter too.

  2. Maxtor Vij says:

    It was evident that fresh air played a role in providing more oxygen to the brain and hence decreased anxiety. But the information pertaining to soil decreasing anxiety is truly a revelation!. Thanks for providing the information in your post.

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