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Elliot Aaron is a long-time member of the personal development community. He features his latest thoughts on self improvement at this web log — Self Improvement Sites

Services at Brainfitness Centre are tailored for each client, utilizing state of the art technology, and heart-centered care. Our integrated approach currently includes Neurofeedback and other Biofeedback learning strategies.

We show our clients how to understand, influence, and ultimately balance their brain wave activity using relaxation, visualization and biofeedback technology. At BrainHarmony, we believe that a balanced, optimized, and healthy brain is the foundation for extraordinary results and an extraordinary life.

Welcome to Brain Me Up! It’s exciting to have you here! We are all about helping people understand how to handle themselves and others better, smarter and wiser in today’s amazing world. It’s a task we have been at for more than 30 years.

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