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This game is similar to the game Minesweeper, only a little more involved. The game board consists of a grid of concealed pieces. One by one you need to flip them and use the information they provide – distance to bomb and density of bombs – to deduce the location of all the hidden bombs.

This is a fun and frenetic typing game in which you need to type the falling words before they crash into the ground. Words will fall from the sky and you need to clear them with speedy typing or else they will hit the ground and raise it towards the sky, making the game even more challenging.

Word Zirch is a dynamic word search game in which you need to find your target word among the many words floating about the screen. Instead of the words/letters being locked up in a grid, in this game they are bouncing around the screen.

Wording is one the best word games I have made. It’s simple to learn/play yet very challenging to play well. The goal is to build words with the set of 18 letters you are given, using each letter just once and trying to plan your words so that they include all the letters (while also trying to make long words).

In this fun word game, you need to work against time to patch together the words and fill in all their holes. Work with the set of loose letters to assemble a set of valid English words.

This is a pretty straight-forward math game. You need to build equations with the numbers and operators given such that they equal the target numbers. The challenge is in using the numbers wisely so you are able to build all the equations in each round.

This word game is similar to the classic game of Hangman, except with a little more strategy. In this version, you are still trying to guess a sentence, but you want to try to do so as efficiently as possible, using as few of the available cheats as you can.

This is a memory game that requires you to remember the arrangement of objects in space. You will start each round with a few seconds to memorize the board before moving onto the recall phase in which you need to recreate the pattern from a blank slate.

This is similar to the classic word search game – seek out words hidden in a grid of numbers – except that in this game you have a time limit for each word. The faster you can find the words, and the fewer of them you miss, the better you will score.

This is a game of focus and typing skill. Your job is to pay very careful attention to each of the sliding numbers on the gameboard. As the sliders move back and forth, you need to press the associated number each time it passes over one of the red target areas. If you successfully do so, the slider will light up green to indicate that you caught the target.

Sands of time consists of a number of colored balls dropping from the top of the game board. Along the bottom is a “hole” moving back and forth. Your job is to drag the balls and place them such that they will fall into the hole. Basically, you are trying to arrange them so that the ball and the hole will intersect in time and space.

This is a quirky little typing game in which you need to be very, very careful not to make typos, and to type the phrases/sentences exactly as they appear. The game is so named a) because you lose once you have made 10 typos and b) because some of the text you are typing actually contains intentional typos or other strange errors.

In this typing game, the goal is to type the nonsense sentences as quickly as possible. You will have only a limited time to type each sentence correctly and if you are unable to do so, you will move further away from passing the round. Conversely, if you do successfully type the word within the allotted time, you will move closer to passing.

Keyball is a fun typing game in which you need to try and capture balls with timely keystrokes. The gameboard consists of a a bunch of red and blue balls careening about within a keyboard layout. You need to pay close attention and press the appropriate key when a region contains only blue balls and no red balls.

The goal of this word game is to arrange the letters into a grid such that you make as many vertical and horizontal words as possible. Each round of the game begins which a number of fixed letters along the diagonal which you need to build your words around using the letters available to you. Add, remove, and otherwise tweak the letters until you have created a board with at least 5 words.

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