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This is a visual search game using photography. You will be presented with a little chunk of a picture and you will have to search it out in a grid of similar picture chunks.

The goal of this word game is to arrange the letters into a grid such that you make as many vertical and horizontal words as possible. Each round of the game begins which a number of fixed letters along the diagonal which you need to build your words around using the letters available to you. Add, remove, and otherwise tweak the letters until you have created a board with at least 5 words.

Retroception is a game that will challenge you iconic memory (short-term visual memory) by asking you to click on targets that have just vanished. One by one the targets will disappear from the game board and your job is to click as close as possible to where they were before the disappeared.

Numbology is a game of math & numbers. The goal is to prevent the columns of blocks from rising by eliminating pieces through mathematical relationships. If you are unable to make matches quickly enough, the blocks will rise to the top and you will lose.

Color Blinded is an online flash game that will challenge your ability to focus on more than one thing at once. The object is to correctly determine the color of each of the balls by watching how the interact with the different squares as they pass beneath them.

Those of you who have been following the site over the years may remember this next game. It’s a fun logic game called Pochle, and it’s the first game I ever made way back in 2004 when I was teaching myself how to program. This new version plays essentially the same sp those of you [...]

At long last, Broken Mouse is back. I first released a version of this mind game almost 4 years ago, but eventually removed it because it was buggy. This new verison is considerably different but still presents the same mind-boggling challenge. Frustrating yet strangely addictive, the goal is to work your way through the various [...]

This is a quirky little typing game in which you need to be very, very careful not to make typos, and to type the phrases/sentences exactly as they appear. The game is so named a) because you lose once you have made 10 typos and b) because some of the text you are typing actually contains intentional typos or other strange errors.

This is a math version of the Chinese tile game mahjonng. The goal is to eliminate all the tiles in groups of three that are mathematically-related (via sum, GCD, product etc). Play the tiles carefully and you may be able to clear them all.

The object of Wordle is to strategically place each of your letters into one of the three slots such that you make as many words as possible. Each round of the game, you get 9 cheats to help you juggle your letters and optimize the amount of words you are able to create.

In this typing game, the goal is to type the nonsense sentences as quickly as possible. You will have only a limited time to type each sentence correctly and if you are unable to do so, you will move further away from passing the round. Conversely, if you do successfully type the word within the allotted time, you will move closer to passing.

In this Numbles game, you need to search the grid for the various number groups that constitute mathematical relationships. Each round there will be a list provided of the groups you need to find (product sets, odd sets, adding sets, even sets, prime sets, straight sets & GCD sets) and you need to scan the grid looking for each of them, clicking on the constituent numbers to eliminate them from the list.

Sands of time consists of a number of colored balls dropping from the top of the game board. Along the bottom is a “hole” moving back and forth. Your job is to drag the balls and place them such that they will fall into the hole. Basically, you are trying to arrange them so that the ball and the hole will intersect in time and space.

This is similar to the classic Memory game except that you need to keep track of what the cards look like rather than where they are located. Each time you flip two cards and reveal their contents, the board will shuffle so you need to associate the letter beneath to the patterns on the back of the cards.

This is a fun and frenetic typing game in which you need to type the falling words before they crash into the ground. Words will fall from the sky and you need to clear them with speedy typing or else they will hit the ground and raise it towards the sky, making the game even more challenging.

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