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Attention & Focus

Exercise your ability to concentrate on a task with these various attention and focus tasks. Train your brain to be stronger and younger with brain games and exercises.

Brain Games - Lumosity

This is a game of focus. Your job is to pay very careful attention to each of the sliding numbers on the gameboard. As the sliders move back and forth, you need to press the associated number each time it passes over one of the red target areas. If you successfully do so, the slider will light up green to indicate that you caught the target.

The object of this brain exercise is straight-forward: keep the balls away from the edge. The trick is that there are many balls but you can only see one of them at any given time. Much like you would have different windows open to run different applications while using your computer, each ball exists in a different window and you must switch back and forth between windows to manage the different balls.

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