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Eye-Hand Coordination

Practice your ability to coordinate your hand movements (in this case, your mouse and keyboard) with visual information.

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In this exercise, you need to try and move around collecting the targets while simultaneously avoiding the moving balls. Carefully navigate this piece around the board collecting the targets in order – the current target you need to get is highlighted for convenience. As you do this, you need to avoid making contact with any of the blue balls careening around the board for you will lose energy for every moment you are in contact with them.

The object of this exercise is absurdly simple: grab the balls and drop them into the hole. Actually executing it however is a little more difficult as both the balls and the hole are moving around the screen. Herein lies the eye-hand coordination challenge as you need to skillfully move your mouse to catch the balls in the first place and then carefully drag them onto the moving hole. You need to place the balls entirely within the hole in order for it to count; otherwise the ball will return to the field and continue bouncing. Make sure your seated comfortably using something like a sit to standing desk or a comfortable chair, this game can become addicting.

This is a game of eye-hand coordination as you need to coordinate what you see on the screen with quick and accurate keystrokes. The game board consists of a number of vertical columns, each labeled by a letter at bottom. During game play, balls will fall one by one through one of these columns and your job is to capture them as quickly as possible with the appropriate keystroke.

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