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In this memory exercise, you need to clear the board of pieces by matching like colors. More specifically, you need to make a match between a piece from the grid on the right with a piece from the grid on the left. This is like the classic game of ‘Memory’ except that you are working with colors instead of shapes and with two grids instead of one.

In this memory exercise, there are several different “windows”, each containing a different set of letters. These are “windows” in the computer sense, meaning that they are each independent spaces, and you can switch back and forth between them as needed. If you have trouble with this concept, you can just as easily consider them each separate drawers or rooms containing different letters.

This is a very straight-forward memory exercise. You will be presented with a list of activities for the day, each happening at a specific time. You will have a couple seconds to process each activity as it is presented. Once you have seen all the activities, you will be presented with a blank schedule and then asked to fill it in, event by event.

In the game of Retroception, you will be trying to click on targets after they disappear, making it an exercise of iconic memory. In the beginning of each round there will be a number of targets visible on your screen. Each target has three different zones: an outer zone, a middle zone, and in inner zone. The goal is to try to click as close as possible to where the target was, before it disappeared.

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