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Our ability to judge spaces serves many roles in our lives, from safely navigating through traffic, to planning a future house, to the everyday process of pattern matching. These various games and exercises to help you make these sorts of judgments quickly and accurately.

Brain Games - Lumosity

The object of this exercise is to eliminate numbers from the grid by clicking on them in numerical order. The faster you can scan the grid and determine the lowest number, the better you will perform at this game.

The object of this game is to match the line patterns. Each group of lines has one exact copy on the board that you need to find and match. The difficulty in this game is that each group of lines is rotated at a random angle.

This exercise is very similar to a jigsaw puzzle. You will be given a grid of colors with some pieces missing. To the left are these missing pieces. To play, simply place each of the pieces into the appropriate spot. The piece must match colors on all four sides in order to fit.

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