Memory Workout

The memory games & exercises in this program have been designed to challenge your memory in many different ways, providing you with a convenient way to keep it active and sharp. The different tasks will require you to work with pictures, names, shapes, sounds, words, numbers, colors, time and space, collectively exercising several types of memory. The more you practice, the better you will perform, and hopefully this improvement will help improve your memory in your everyday life.

Change your Life with Brain Fitness

The goal of this memory exercise is to remember the time of your commitments and then place them into the appropriate spot in your schedule. To start, you will be shown a series of activities accompanied with a time. Pay close attention and remember when each event is happening. Once you have seen all your [...]

In this memory game, you learn from your experiences and apply them. You will complete the exact same task twice, the first time using trial and error and the second time using your memory. the game coinsists of a grid of numbers, each of them has one and only one match with a piece of [...]

The object of this memory game is to remember the location of each of the shapes. You will be presented with a series of shapes arranged randomly on the screen and given a few moments to memorize their location. Then, the pieces will moved to the top left corner and you will have to drag [...]

In this memory exercise, a photograph will be broken up into a number of different pieces and displayed in a grid of these pieces. Your job is to click on each piece of the photograph once (and preferably only once). This would be simple except for the fact that the pieces shuffle every time you [...]

The goal of this memory game is to match colors of the same tile from opposite sides of the board. To make a match, click on one tile from each side to reveal their colors. If they match, they will disappear, otherwise they will flip back over and you will need to remember their color. [...]

The goal of this memory game is to associate strings of characters to colors. Each of the colors in the game will be assigned a random string of character such as ‘AE34J0′. You need to learn to couple these strings to each of the colors and then click on the appropriate color each time its [...]

In this memory game, the targets will disappear one by one. Your job is to click as close to possible to the point where the target was before it vanished. Each target has three different zones, an outer zone, a middle one and and inner zone. You will score more points for hitting the inner [...]

In this memory exercise, you will be presented with a group of colored shapes and asked to remember them. At this point, the shapes are in the form of humans in various poses. You will have some time to commit these shapes into your memory before they vanish. You will then see a grid of [...]

The goal of this memory game is to remember the order of the words. To start, you will be presented with a list of words one by one. Figure out some strategy for remembering the order in which they appear. Once you have seen all the words in succession, they will all appear in a [...]

Using a memory software is a good complement to all of these tools for an ultimate memory improvement.

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