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Play With Your Mind features over 50 original online brain games and mind puzzles. Play them just for fun, or compete against others for highest scores and IQs. The online games here range from word games, logic puzzles & memory tests to games to challenge your attention skills, spatial sense, or ability to multi-task.

If you enjoy word jumbles, crossword puzzles, Scrabble, or any of the various online word games floating around the internet, these are the games for you. Create, find, re-assemble, unscramble and otherwise play with words in these fun and challenging verbal games.

Are you one of those people that loves that triangular peg-jumping game? How about Sudoku puzzles? If so, you should definitely take some time to explore the various logic puzzles, games and tests in this section. If you like tasks that require planning and strategy, you will find plenty of that here.

Learn to type or practice your keyboarding skills with free online typing games from Play With Your Mind. Or, if you think you are already a speedy typist, compete against others for high scores and top game-ratings. To check out my complete collection of keyboarding games, check out the typing games and tests @ The Keyboard Playground.

The ability to type quickly and accurately is an important skill to master. Whether you just need to send some emails or type a paper for that masters in communications or bachelor degree online program that you are working on, these typing games will help you along.

Practice your math and number skills with these free online math games from Play With Your Mind. These games will have you building equations, arranging numbers into mathematical, relationships, performing speedy mental math and more.

Stay or Switch is a Monty Hall Problem simulation game. The Monty Hall Problem is a classic probability puzzle that challenges the player to determine the best strategy when asked to select one out of three doors. Behind one of the doors is the prize, the other two only have goats behind them. Once you select your door, the host will reveal the goat behind one of the remaining doors. Your big move is then to decide to stay on you first choice or switch to the remaining unopened door. Test your strategy over time and see if you are a winner.

Look for hidden objects like words, letters, patterns, pictures and more in these fun online search games. Includes the Zirch family of games.

The numerous memory games and tests in this category will challenge your memory in all sorts of different ways. Work to remember patters, shapes, associations, images and more. If you are looking for even more practice, check out the exercises in the memory section of our mind exercises.

An online mba may also be the way to go depending what types of challenges you are ready to face.

These mind games will challenge your attention and focus skills. Pay attention to multiple objects at once, keep track of items “in the dark” and try to piece together moving puzzles.

Try out these unusual challenge and games that task you to perform challenging feats with your mouse. Skillfully dodge flying objects or try to accomplish simple tasks with a misbehaving mouse.

These challenging online games and puzzles are played with decks of cards. Do not expect to find hearts, spades, bridge or poker here – these are original card games available only on this website.

These multi-tasking games will challenge your ability to handle more than one task at the same time. These are great practice for juggling multiple activities, especially computing ones.

These games and puzzles challenge your ability to arrange, remember and generally perceive the position of objects in space.

These online games defy categorization but are sure to challenge your mind in unusual ways. Practice your sense of timing, your ability to estimate, and more.

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