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Card Games

These challenging online games and puzzles are played with decks of cards. Do not expect to find hearts, spades, bridge or poker here – these are original card games available only on this website.

Whitts is a card game in which you strategically play cards from the board into one of two different piles. The goal is to play the cards such that they form groups of 3 that are the same color, number, consecutive etc. Plan your moves in advance to optimize your score.

Pokler is a logic/strategy game involving poker hands. Arrange the 5×5 grid of cards so that the vertical and horizontal hands make up as many power-hands as possible.

This is a challenging card came that requires a good deal of forethought and strategy. You start with 10 cards in your hand and a bunch of cards arranged on the board. The goal is to play back and forth from your hand and the board, eliminating the cards by matching like-suits or numbers.

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