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Are you one of those people that loves that triangular peg-jumping game? How about Sudoku puzzles? If so, you should definitely take some time to explore the various logic puzzles, games and tests in this section. If you like tasks that require planning and strategy, you will find plenty of that here.

Primal Logic is a math game / logic puzzle in which you try to reduce the grid of numbers until there are only prime numbers remaining. Strategically combine adjacent numbers as you attempt to eliminate all non-prime pieces from the game board.

Those of you who have been following the site over the years may remember this next game. It’s a fun logic game called Pochle, and it’s the first game I ever made way back in 2004 when I was teaching myself how to program. This new version plays essentially the same sp those of you [...]

For those of you who like puzzle games and logic tests, have a go at this one. The object of this brain game is to work your way from row to row by making connections between similar pieces. It requires you to plan ahead and manage your pieces wisely, less you become stuck. I’m interested [...]

This is a great little logic puzzle – in my estimation one of the more interesting games I’ve made. The goal is to remove all the pieces from the board according to simple rules of association. The game starts off relatively easily but gets considerably more interesting and challenging as the rounds progress.

This logic game is a spin-off from one of the BrainBall tasks. The object is to eliminate the pieces from the board while creating as many color matches as possible. Success requires a great deal of planning, making this a great brain exercise!

Quadrants is a tetris-style game in that you need to strategically place the falling blocks, and prevent the pieces from building up to the top of the playing board. However, in this game, the pieces are all shaped the same – as squares, so you are not trying to fit them in spatially. Instead, you are trying to match their colors, as each piece has 4 colors (one per side).

The goal of this logic puzzle is to arrange the pieces on the game board such that no two pieces of the same color are adjacent. Strategically swap the pieces around the board and try to solve the puzzle in as few moves as possible.

This game is similar to the game Minesweeper, only a little more involved. The game board consists of a grid of concealed pieces. One by one you need to flip them and use the information they provide – distance to bomb and density of bombs – to deduce the location of all the hidden bombs.

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