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Practice your math and number skills with these free online math games from Play With Your Mind. These games will have you building equations, arranging numbers into mathematical, relationships, performing speedy mental math and more.

Stay or Switch is a Monty Hall Problem simulation game. The Monty Hall Problem is a classic probability puzzle that challenges the player to determine the best strategy when asked to select one out of three doors. Behind one of the doors is the prize, the other two only have goats behind them. Once you select your door, the host will reveal the goat behind one of the remaining doors. Your big move is then to decide to stay on you first choice or switch to the remaining unopened door. Test your strategy over time and see if you are a winner.

This is a difficult math game in which you need to arrange the numbers on the board such that they form the maximum number of mathematical relationships. The numbers are taken in groups of three, vertically, horizontally and diagonally. Strategically adjust the grid to create sums, products, straights, GCDs, prime sets & even/odd sets.

In this Numbles game, you need to search the grid for the various number groups that constitute mathematical relationships. Each round there will be a list provided of the groups you need to find (product sets, odd sets, adding sets, even sets, prime sets, straight sets & GCD sets) and you need to scan the grid looking for each of them, clicking on the constituent numbers to eliminate them from the list.

Numbology is a game of math & numbers. The goal is to prevent the columns of blocks from rising by eliminating pieces through mathematical relationships. If you are unable to make matches quickly enough, the blocks will rise to the top and you will lose.

This is a math version of the Chinese tile game mahjonng. The goal is to eliminate all the tiles in groups of three that are mathematically-related (via sum, GCD, product etc). Play the tiles carefully and you may be able to clear them all.

In Number Crunch, you need to eliminate all the pieces from the game board by clicking on the numbers in numerical order. As you do so, the pieces will crunch down towards the bottom until you have removed them all. The faster you can complete the task – and the fewer errors you make while doing so – the better your score.

SwitchBoard is a math and logic game in which you need to toggle the numbers on the board so that all the columns and rows sum correctly.

This math game is another BrainBall spin-off. The goal is to group together numbers to construct specific sums. There is nothing too complicated or fancy about this game, it just requires really quick mental artithmetic skills.

This is a pretty straight-forward math game. You need to build equations with the numbers and operators given such that they equal the target numbers. The challenge is in using the numbers wisely so you are able to build all the equations in each round.

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