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Try out these unusual challenge and games that task you to perform challenging feats with your mouse. Skillfully dodge flying objects or try to accomplish simple tasks with a misbehaving mouse.

At long last, Broken Mouse is back. I first released a version of this mind game almost 4 years ago, but eventually removed it because it was buggy. This new verison is considerably different but still presents the same mind-boggling challenge. Frustrating yet strangely addictive, the goal is to work your way through the various [...]

Simple but very challenging, Spaztik will challenge your mind on many different fronts. The game is actually a derivative of a task in Broken Mouse that I decided to develop into a game of its own. The goal is very straight-forward: track the motion of the ball with your mouse cursor. The trick is that [...]

Dodgeball is a fun flash game that requires you to dodge the moving balls as you navigate around the game board with your mouse collecting your targets. As the game progresses, the balls get larger and move faster, making the game ever-more-difficult.

This is a fun and fast-paced mouse game in which you need to try to navigate your piece around the bases while simultaneously dodging the spinning shapes. The more times you can make it around, and the less you get hit while doing so, the better you will score.

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