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WordBall is a fun and fast-paced daily word puzzle comprised of 5 short games. The games test your verbal prowess in various ways. Play just for a daily dose of mental exercise, or get serious and use it as a way to compete against others in matters of verbal skill.

To compete against others, you must be a registered member of playwithyourmind.com. Not registered yet? Join now, it's quick & free.

To learn more about WordBall, read more about the game, about the scoring, or the WordBall FAQ.

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WordBall is part of The Billion Dollar Quest.

News & Updates

2009-09-28 23:19:50

Apparently task #2 has been buggy, to say the least. Thanks to those of you who sent me feedback and alerted me to this problem, it should be all set now. If you are still having problems, please clear your cache as you may be using an old file.

Meanwhile, there also appears to be a problem with task #5, but that one is going to be a little harder for me to fix as I cannot reproduce it. It may be browser-specific, which always makes things a little tricky. Fortunately it seems to be working for most people – right? If it is not working for you, please tell me and let me know if you are on PC or Mac and what browser you are using.

2009-06-01 10:56:53

apparently the stats for WordBall, GoodLuck and The Typing Test were not resetting properly from week to week. Thanks to those of you who gave me the heads-up. They should all be set reset now and ready for the new week.

2009-05-17 10:32:01

I am out of town for a wedding and then a week of traveling with family, so if there are problems with any of the daily game I will not be able to address them until next monday. I believe that I have things properly set up so the games will start up properly tomorrow for the upcoming week, but I can’t be sure and will be away from the internet for the most part so I won’t be able to attend to any problems that do arise for a couple days at least. Please be patient and understanding if something goes wrong. Once I return I will be able to get things running all smoothly and then begin promoting the games and getting a bunch more players.

2009-05-07 10:41:15

Compete with others in matters of typing skill in the Typing Test, a BrainBall-style game based on typing-skill.

2009-05-04 12:53:20

After being out of commission for more than a year, WordBall is back online and better than ever. The week of 5/4-5/8 will be a testing week to iron out the kinks and then the game will begin in earnest on 5/11.

Enjoy, and please contact me if you encounter any problems or have suggestions to improve the game.

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