BrainBall Task 2.11

The object of this game is to associate colors with specific strings of characters, and using this information, correctly identify the color for a given string.
One by one, you will be provided with a target string. At first, you will have no idea which color it represents, so you will have to guess. When you guess correctly, make a mental note of the relationship and move on.
As you continue, you should learn the string for each color and eventually be able to connect them without having to guess.
Your score is based on how many you targets you find versus the number of guesses you need to make to get them.

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  1. Numerology Compatibility says:

    Having some issues reading BrainBall Archives – Game 2.11 | play games with your mind, there are question marks instead of spaces… It may be my browser. I will try another one and check back. I enjoyed it so far but those question marks are ANNOYING. Thank you!

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