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I figured it would be helpful for me from a business perspective, as well as for you for entertainment/enrichment purposes, to have a catalog of all the other websites offering brain fitness programs or some other collection of brain games/exercises. So I am setting off to compile such a list. At first, I expect it will start of very simply – just names and urls – but eventually I would like to make it more like a catalog/review of the various brain fitness programs around the web. For starters, I am going to divide them into two sections, one containing more ‘clinical’, ‘professional’ programs and another focused more on casual brain games, brainteasers and puzzles.

Brain Fitness Programs
CogniFit Personal Coach – $20/mo
Lumosity – $80/yr with limited free trial, 20+ games targeting speed, attention, memory, problem solving and flexibility
Happy Neuron – $10/mo with limited free trial, 35 online games plus 5 Wii games
Mind360 – 8 games, free at the moment since it’s in beta mode
BrainGymmer – play 3 brain training games for free, make cognitive tests, upgrade to a premium membership for full access and your personal progress screen, offers various brain training memberships , pricing from $3.65 per month. Training areas: Memory, Visual Perception, Attention, Processing Speed, Logical Thinking.
MindFlow – this looks really interesting, I plan to look more into this and may dedicate a future post to it
FitBrains – Memory, Concentration, VisuoSpatial, Executive Functions, Language

(software purchase)
BrainBuilder – $200 for purchase of software which includes brain games, exercises, music and a brain coach
Posit Science – $395 for purchase of software consisting of 6 games
MindSparke – $47 for single user, $72 for family pack

Brain Games, Brainteasers and Mind Puzzles
Cognitive Labs
Games for the Brain
BrainTraining 101

And I found a few other interesting things as I surfed about:
- I came across a website called which has much more detailed reviews of a lot of the above websites.
- I also found something called The Brain Muscle Workout which I am including here as an aside. It might seem overdone or gimmicky – perhaps it is, I certainly haven’t tried it – but I definitely believe that doing physical workouts and exercises of specific motor and coordination activities can positively impact overall mental health and ability.
- Again straying a little from games and exercises but staying on the main topic of brain fitness, you might want to look into Dynamic Mental Fitness
- A new blog on the industry: Brain Fitness Trends
- A guide dedicated to the science and practice of improving your mind: Brain Guide

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  1. michael says:

    Hi there…

    thanks for including my website. I really agree what you just how specific motor coordinated movements can affect brain health. However regarding that my program can be gimmicky I quite disagree since it took me 7 years to develop it and i have worked and being endorsed by several Neuroscientists and Psychiatrists. To see what they say

    I will be releasing a book called Super Body, Super Brain in May 2010. The Publisher is Harper Collins.

    I really love your website and your valuable information, really well done. I am really passionate about the brain and movement.,,

  2. admin says:

    Just to clarify, I did not say your site was gimmicky… I started my sentence with ‘It might seem gimmicky’ but then continued on to discourage anyone from making such a snap-judgment and gave it my endorsment :)

  3. michael says:

    hahah…thanks so much really…i really believe that we can challenge our brains with specific movements..if we combine both, the great sources that you are mentioning here and movement we will have the best of the best for our brain……! i will like to send you my book when it gets released in May 2010….

    thanks again!!!!

  4. a1745196 says:

    I’ve said that least 1745196 times. The problem this like that is they are just too compilcated for the average bird, if you know what I mean

  5. Hi,
    I have an amazing research based brain training program here in Northern California that I developed after years of reading the latest brain research and doing my own. You might be interested in learning more about it. I am in the process of finishing the BRAIN MATTERS board game for retraining the brain. I would be happy to answer any questions you might have and would love to chat about the program and some of the others you have suggested.

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