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GoodLuck is a fun & quick test of your luck. It's also a bit of an investigation of whether such a thing as luck exists; are there people that are consistently lucky or unlucky, or will everything even out over time?

The game is made up of four short & fun little tests of your luck. Each one takes just a moment to play, although you can take as much time as you want depending on how you are feeling (no thinking necessary in this one, just go with your gut). Unlike the other daily games, the content for these games is totally random and ultimately decided by the timing of your actions.

Login each day to find out how your luck stacks up against the masses. Are you generally luckier than most, or one of the unlucky ones? And how does your performance in the game align with your observations from life?

To compete against others, you must be a registered member of Not registered yet? Join now, it's quick & free.

To learn more about Good Luck, read more about the game, about the scoring, or the BrainBall FAQ.

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Good Luck is part of The Billion Dollar Quest.

News & Updates

2009-06-01 10:56:53

apparently the stats for WordBall, GoodLuck and The Typing Test were not resetting properly from week to week. Thanks to those of you who gave me the heads-up. They should all be set reset now and ready for the new week.

2009-05-17 10:32:01

I am out of town for a wedding and then a week of traveling with family, so if there are problems with any of the daily game I will not be able to address them until next monday. I believe that I have things properly set up so the games will start up properly tomorrow for the upcoming week, but I can’t be sure and will be away from the internet for the most part so I won’t be able to attend to any problems that do arise for a couple days at least. Please be patient and understanding if something goes wrong. Once I return I will be able to get things running all smoothly and then begin promoting the games and getting a bunch more players.

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