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Lucky You!

This game has been temporarily hijacked (as of 6/25/2015) to introduce you to Good Luck!, a crowd luck competition and experiment. We need some users to come check it out and share the good word, so click below to become on of the world's first players:

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  1. Alezier says:

    this game is tooooooo hard

  2. aby says:

    this games is really confusin i dont really undertand the concept of it but it gets your brain workin ;0

  3. astronaut714 says:

    The game is like a puzzle. You just need to freeze one image and then the rest fall in place. Think of it like laying a nice floor tile. Or one of those old puzzles you buy with only 20 pieces to deal with. Some one is giving you the pieces as you go.

  4. monkeybutt says:

    1 word HARD!!!!!!

  5. black says:

    this game is challenging,but i did it!

  6. cristina says:

    it’s easy..just have to be fast

  7. Megan says:

    HARD!! Didnt even get it lol!!

  8. God9999 says:

    I don't have the patience or wish to exert the effort to attempt this game on a laptop. :)

  9. sheeba says:

    i have never seen a harder game than this

  10. Feytullah Gokhan says:

    I so enjoy Beyin gücüyle BeyinOyunu oynayarak zekanı test et!

  11. Mansoor Ali says:

    How-to-play tip: select one of the 4 corners of the game box at random. focus and when u see a pattern just start freezing. you can select any corner but after doing that dont focus on any other.

  12. naby says:

    the best mind game i ever had

  13. HYCAN says:

    Always confusing whether I clicked the tile or not

  14. ruaoviyena says:

    this game is easy. all you have to do is freeze a random picture and them look at the pictures around it. when another picture around the one you froze lines up with the one you froze, freeze that one. then just work your way around the board like that.

  15. xdayz says:


  16. Rupesh Kumar says:

    good game
    takes some time to learn
    focus on the neighbor cells

  17. rooma says:


  18. shifa says:

    wow this game is awesome! i like it , its not too difficult guys

  19. shadowCat says:

    got it on the 2nd try. It’s not that hard guys! This is so fun

  20. zhelle says:

    ahaha.. read the instructions first. then play :) . it is sooo easy :)

  21. jalisa says:

    this game is hard and i dont understand it

  22. himani says:

    its awesome :) ..i just love dis game

  23. khadija aziz says:

    this game is toooooooooooooooooooo hard for me to play////////////////>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>????????????????? ;)

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