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This game has been temporarily hijacked (as of 6/25/2015) to introduce you to Good Luck!, a crowd luck competition and experiment. We need some users to come check it out and share the good word, so click below to become on of the world's first players:

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  1. stupid says:

    i didnt get it. i think i’m brain dead

  2. rob says:

    it seems that even when some balls appear to come to the centre, when you click on the
    ball number on the bottom row no zone ring
    flashes yellow. The game does not seem to
    work properly.

  3. Dana says:

    yes i do believe the game is not properly working or im not exactly smart at this game…

  4. dmj says:

    Brain dead? huh? do you know what does it mean? Brain is the center of every single organ in our body so brain dead is a simple as death:D

  5. CALVIN says:

    THE GAME IS FINE! YOU’RE DUMB! You can’t believe that something is broken or wrong because you can’t figure it out. Try harder people, it’s the only way!

  6. Greysun Tan says:

    @dmj , just on case you did not graduate from primary school, that’s called the figure of speech which literally means using phrases that actually means something else instead of what it literally means. Please do learn some English before you use them to speak.

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