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Lucky You!

This game has been temporarily hijacked (as of 6/25/2015) to introduce you to Good Luck!, a crowd luck competition and experiment. We need some users to come check it out and share the good word, so click below to become on of the world's first players:

Take the Luck Test

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  1. ProgressiveMews says:

    How can something so easy, be so frickin’ HARD???
    It’s almost embarrassing!

  2. elaine says:

    First timer… Checking out games….

  3. elaine says:

    checking out games

  4. mrsthursday says:

    I have PTD but this site is helping with the memory loss aspect a lot :) )

  5. PSP Systems says:

    Nice game…sharp your memory with game…. no violence and no racism…good for mind….

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