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Lucky You!

This game has been temporarily hijacked (as of 6/25/2015) to introduce you to Good Luck!, a crowd luck competition and experiment. We need some users to come check it out and share the good word, so click below to become on of the world's first players:

Take the Luck Test

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  1. ProgressiveMews says:

    NO FAIR!!! There are so many missed equations and sets that aren’t included in the find list, and then you get penalized for finding them. =(

  2. admin says:

    are you *sure* about that? I just played 3 times and never noticed anything like that. could you be forgetting which sets you have already submitted?

  3. ProgressiveMews says:

    Perhaps you’re right, I may have spoken too soon. As I’ve played more it seems to be OK after all. ooops…

  4. jordan says:

    this game is so ezay a baby can be the best

  5. bala68 says:

    if baby can play this game why jordon not in the high score

  6. Joe says:

    agree with ProgressiveMews: I’ve created valid sets in ascending order, but they are not registering :(

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