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  1. spunkymonkey says:

    Switchboard is an interesting game, but it still has quite a few bugs in it. It bombed out on the level 7X7. It is asking for a total of 10 across and 10 down and there are not enough small numbers to total 10 to complete one row, let alone two.

  2. admin says:

    wow, I never made it to 7×7 so I did not notice that. nice work. I’ll look into the problem. You said a ‘quite a few bugs’ – what else is wrong?

  3. admin says:

    well, I have looked into your problem but I cannot duplicate it. although I am unable to make it to a 7×7 board – and I don’t know how you can either – I am able to change the initial settings and start off on that level and it seems fine. I have not come across any instance of sums that are too low or otherwise impossible to make. If this happens again, I would love to see a screenshot. And let me know about the other bugs you seem to have encountered.

  4. mostarka says:

    Here’s something I saw + one suggestion: I’m not sure if the first one is a used to happen in numbology…a tile gets frozen out of place. It only happened once in about five games I played, so I don’t even know if it’s a problem..but when it happened, I couldn’t get the tile to go back.

    The suggestion? A submit button to avoid waiting for time out when you just can’t get the board to work.

  5. mostarka says:

    Ok so I just saw the same thing (well, almost: there weren’t high enough numbers to make the sum required in one row)

    (took a screenshot just in case)

    I guess the “submit button” suggestion could solve that too. Sometimes, you just don’t get all of them.

  6. SpunkyMonkey says:


    I have gotten up to the 8X9 screen now. I can get all the numbers added up correctly going across the screen, but cannot see the numbers at the bottom to tell what I am supposed to be trying to total down. You still need to expand the totals column so it will accept and show numbers over 100. When it says 10 across, I just keep playing with the numbers until I finally get the total number to change from red to green since I have no way of seeing the actual total.

  7. admin says:

    Wow, 8×9. You must be some sort of number savant. Well thanks for diagnosing that problem, I will expand the text fields so they show 3 digits numbers and will make sure the larger loards display properly on the screen. Much appreciated!

  8. admin says:

    ok, it should be fixed now. board size maxes out at 10×8, after that values just increase. theoretically it will break again when you start getting to 4 digit sums, good luck with that :)

  9. SpunkyMonkey says:


    I got up to where the screen is now 15×8, however, I am unable to read the totals columns on either side as they are getting cut off in the middle of each column. Maybe you could make the squares and numbers inside a little smaller. Also, it is rather hard to read white numbers against a white background.

    I am enjoying the game though! It is so EASY!

  10. lloyd says:

    Nice job on the site. I’m working on a mind development site myself, and these games will prove quite useful. So I will definitely give you a high link priority.

    If you don’t mind a suggestion about this particular game though, there were some bugs in the block movement. Sometimes when you pick up a block and place it elsewhere, the block you are placing it on top of won’t move, and the first one locks in place.

    Nice concept for the game, but frustrating to play through. Someone else suggested a reset button may correct it in the meantime, and that seems like a good thing to include.

  11. jose says:

    man the game is pretty good, but it’s so bugged. i’ve experienced bugs where a block just hangs over the grid and it doesn’t correspond to the empty square. i tried to figure out the logic of the error but i was at 9×9 the first time it happened so it was pretty much impossible. i’ve also come across the bug at 4×4, 5×6, 7×7, etc. so it’s pretty much all over the game, not just at higher levels.

  12. admin says:

    thanks everyone for the feedback I will be looking into this tomorrow

  13. admin says:

    ok, it should be good now. let me know if you encounter any other problems.

  14. spunkymonkey says:

    Is it possible to make the squares and fonts smaller? Maybe shrink it as the grid expands??? What about doing away with the left and right columns when the board has expanded over the perimeter???

    I love the game, but keep getting up to where I can not see the numbers on the left or right side.

  15. ProgressiveMews says:

    OK, so, more of the same problem I see many others are having…

    I’m on the 8 by 13-wide board, and I cannot see the numbers to the right NOR left (goal nor actual).

    Seems a bit strange too, since on the previous board the numbers on the sides just ran outside the frame but they are under it now.

  16. ProgressiveMews says:

    46,000 is now my high score – wooo woot!

    The only bummer is I have not doubt I could have scored higher had the last board actually been visible. =(

  17. spunkymonkey says:

    I am unable to see the screen. Why?

  18. HP_MAN says:

    I got up to where the screen is now 13×8, however, I am unable to read the totals columns on either side.

  19. Don says:

    Agree with those who noted that when it reaches 13×8 you cannot read the number on either side. Right side number are actually cut off. Fix this or remove the option.

  20. Kal_El says:

    this is really really interesting game man………..but level 12×8 i am unable to see the screen. Why?

  21. jaksl8 says:

    So i made it to 12×8 no prob and it just not difficult in the later levels to much time to figure it out. A shorter clock would make it more exciting.

  22. lvlusic says:

    Amazing game and interesting ~ I used to play this game a long time ago (physically not virtually) but now that it’s made virtually it’s like a dream come true~! Thanks a bunch!

  23. woodsy says:

    kind of an easy game if u know how to play made 13×8 but like others numbers are off page even at 12×8 they’re still half off so lots of trial and error plus pen and paper

  24. .,super like this game… ((:

  25. Julie says:

    Great fun. I can’t get beyond 13 x 8 because I can see only the beginnings of the red numbers, and the ends of the white numbers, but fun, nonetheless. I’m not as determined as ProgressiveMews. I’m just going to assume the game ends at 12 x 8, and leave it at that.

    Thanks. I’m starting my morning these days with this game. (And apparently going to bed with it, too, since it’s 9:30pm! lol)

  26. ahmed says:

    veryyy good games

  27. SpunkyMonkey says:

    Please do not let this game disappear. I love it!!!!!!!!! It is a fantastic game!!! It is a lot of fun to play. It is easy, but yet challenging.

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