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  1. roset says:

    While it appeared I had a chance to play a bonus round, the word sequence never came up. It would count down to 0 and simply said undefined.

  2. ProgressiveMews says:

    Whenever I get to the bonus round, it always reads “undefined” – why would that be? Is there something wrong with the adobe player, or perhaps a security setting I have or what? I’ve tried to change settings, open security, but I don’t understand what it could be – it should be free on my end.

  3. ProgressiveMews says:

    Still not getting anything in the bonus round, just “undefined again. Can somebody please respond to us? Admin? Other players? Are we seriously the only two having this problem???

  4. Karina says:

    yup yup luvv it shaooooooooo

  5. chelsea says:

    okay this game is okay i guess… but they are right every time i would go on the bonus round it kept saying undefined. what the heck is up with that

  6. admin says:

    OK, the bonus round should work fine now. Sorry it took me so long to address this… Please let me know if you continue to have problems.

  7. dwashington says:

    wuz up gurl

  8. brook says:

    this game is so much fun dont you think so

  9. sarai says:

    i think it is dumb

  10. Sarah says:

    this game is not fun and its not dumb either its just…………………………………. simple

  11. jeneliza says:

    this game is the best way to practice in order to achieve a very good performance regarding in knowing on how fast and accurate you follow the w0rds that is being fall..
    i have a great fun in playing this game.
    i can only advice that you keep playing this kind 0f game.

  12. Sarah says:

    i played this game on other websites before and the same thing happened to me the bonus round came up and it just simply read undefined and wouldnt let me do anything

  13. admin says:

    yes I am aware of this situation. I am actually in the process of remaking all the typing games and this problem will be addressed

  14. lily says:

    iit rockz

  15. maninder says:

    its ok

  16. maninder says:

    its ok but i dont like this game so much bcs.

  17. QwertyGirl says:

    The bonus round works fine until after level 10. It says undefined and then my internet explorer becomes unresponsive. Also, during level 10 the reaction time for my typing seems to lag.

  18. celeste says:

    this game is great practice on typing. which will be used alot in the corporate world. and its fun to see how far you can get. i love it

  19. Peaches and Cream says:

    It is an AWSOME game. It really helps you learn your typing skills or just practice.

  20. jazmine says:


  21. me and my child loves this game. it helps her type faster

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