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I figured it would be helpful for me from a business perspective, as well as for you for entertainment/enrichment purposes, to have a catalog of all the other websites offering brain fitness programs or some other collection of brain games/exercises. So I am setting off to compile such a list. At first, I expect it will start of very simply – just names and urls – but eventually I would like to make it more like a catalog/review of the various brain fitness programs around the web. For starters, I am going to divide them into two sections, one containing more ‘clinical’, ‘professional’ programs and another focused more on casual brain games, brainteasers and puzzles.

Brain Fitness Programs
CogniFit Personal Coach – $20/mo
Lumosity – $80/yr with limited free trial, 20+ games targeting speed, attention, memory, problem solving and flexibility
Happy Neuron – $10/mo with limited free trial, 35 online games plus 5 Wii games
Mind360 – 8 games, free at the moment since it’s in beta mode
BrainGymmer – play 3 brain training games for free, make cognitive tests, upgrade to a premium membership for full access and your personal progress screen, offers various brain training memberships , pricing from $3.65 per month. Training areas: Memory, Visual Perception, Attention, Processing Speed, Logical Thinking.
MindFlow – this looks really interesting, I plan to look more into this and may dedicate a future post to it
FitBrains – Memory, Concentration, VisuoSpatial, Executive Functions, Language

(software purchase)
BrainBuilder – $200 for purchase of software which includes brain games, exercises, music and a brain coach
Posit Science – $395 for purchase of software consisting of 6 games
MindSparke – $47 for single user, $72 for family pack

Brain Games, Brainteasers and Mind Puzzles
Cognitive Labs
Games for the Brain
BrainTraining 101

And I found a few other interesting things as I surfed about:
- I came across a website called which has much more detailed reviews of a lot of the above websites.
- I also found something called The Brain Muscle Workout which I am including here as an aside. It might seem overdone or gimmicky – perhaps it is, I certainly haven’t tried it – but I definitely believe that doing physical workouts and exercises of specific motor and coordination activities can positively impact overall mental health and ability.
- Again straying a little from games and exercises but staying on the main topic of brain fitness, you might want to look into Dynamic Mental Fitness
- A new blog on the industry: Brain Fitness Trends
- A guide dedicated to the science and practice of improving your mind: Brain Guide

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