BrainBall Task 2.10

In this task you need to translate a number into a location within a grid of squares. You are given a target number and you have to determine where in the grid that numnber lies.
The top-left square represents spot #1 and the spot numbers increases sequentially from left to right, wrapping from line to line – just as you read text. In a 10×10 grid, the top-right piece would be spot #10 and the bottom-right piece would be spot #100.
Each games grid will be a different size, making it more difficult to memorize specific locations. It’s probably best to count the width of your grid at the start and work from there,
Click on a piece when you think you have identified the correct spot. If you are correct you will get a new target.
Score is based on number correct with penalty for mistakes.

BrainBall Task 2.9

In this game, you need to drag a circle onto a target. The trick is that as soon as you grab the circle and begin to drag, the target will disappear.
Essentially, this task is about developing a feel for your mouse or keypad, learning to move it accurately without seeing the cursor.
You earn points for each attempt based on accuracy. The faster you play, the more opporunities you will have to earn points, so you will want to strike the perfect balance between speed and accuracy.
Be careful not to move your mouse outside the playing field; if you do, your attempt will be scored from the point where your mouse left the game area.


In this exercise, you need to try and move around collecting the targets while simultaneously avoiding the moving balls. Carefully navigate this piece around the board collecting the targets in order – the current target you need to get is highlighted for convenience. As you do this, you need to avoid making contact with any of the blue balls careening around the board for you will lose energy for every moment you are in contact with them.


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