BrainBall Task 2.13

This is a game of math and strategy. The game board consists of a grid of (blue) numbers and a bunch of (yellow) numbers. The object of the game is to use the yellow numbers to eliminate the blue numbers from the board.
To play, drag a yellow piece onto the boundary between two of the blue numbers. If the numerical difference between the two blue numbers is equal to the value displayed on the yellow number, the numbers will vanish and the board will readjust (empty columns/rows will collapse).


This math game is another BrainBall spin-off. The goal is to group together numbers to construct specific sums. There is nothing too complicated or fancy about this game, it just requires really quick mental artithmetic skills.

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New puzzles added

If you have not done so already, make sure you check out my new section of puzzles and brainteasers. These are classic pencil-and-paper games you need to work through. I’ve just added 3 new puzzles today, so have a look…

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