BrainBall Task 2.16

This is a interesting game of memory. You will be presented with a series of pieces, each of which is labeled with a number. This number indicates how long the piece will remain active, in seconds.
When you are presented with a piece, you can drag it and place it into any one of the empty boxes. Once you do so, the box will close (obscuring the piece) and the piece will begin its countdown.
The object is to track each piece you place and try to reveal it (by clicking on the box to open it) right before it reaches the end of its countdown. The closer the countdown is to 0 when you reveal the piece, the better you will score. However, if you wait to long the piece will expire and you will get no points.
There are a total of 12 boxes for you to use, so you can have up to 12 pieces in play at one time. You may place a piece in any open box.

BrainBall Task 2.11

The object of this game is to associate colors with specific strings of characters, and using this information, correctly identify the color for a given string.
One by one, you will be provided with a target string. At first, you will have no idea which color it represents, so you will have to guess. When you guess correctly, make a mental note of the relationship and move on.
As you continue, you should learn the string for each color and eventually be able to connect them without having to guess.
Your score is based on how many you targets you find versus the number of guesses you need to make to get them.

BrainBall Task 2.1

This is a game of memory where you need to track of the locations of different letters.
Each of these letters is located within one of the four windows.
You may switch in between these windows using the numbered buttons on top.
Your target letter is displayed at top. This is the one you need to find and click.
The better you remember where all the letters are, the more efficiently you will find them, and the better you will score.


The goal of this memory game is to associate strings of characters to colors.

Each of the colors in the game will be assigned a random string of character such as ‘AE34J0′. You need to learn to couple these strings to each of the colors and then click on the appropriate color each time its matching string appears. To view the strings for each color, roll over the color key at the top of the playing board.

Your score is based on how many matches you make versus how many times you need to view the key. Ideally, you just want to look at the key just once, but you may view it as many times as you need to remember the pairings.

2 more memory games

I just added two more memory exercises to the Memory Workout Program. Eventually, I will have 10+ games in this section, but the next 5 won’t be coming along for a little while yet. Enjoy!

Word Order – watch a sequence of words and remember the order in which they appeared

Color Match – like the classic Memory game, only you are working with colors and two different sets of tiles

Remember, with any of these memory exercises you can play them at 5 different difficulty levels depending on how much of a challenge you want. You may also adjust the speed of the games if you’d like.

Also, don’t forget about the other memory games, exercises and tests elsewhere on Check out Retroception, ReMemory, Doors of Memory, MemorEyes, Window Memory & Scheduling

Word Order

The goal of this memory game is to remember the order of the words.

To start, you will be presented with a list of words one by one. Figure out some strategy for remembering the order in which they appear.

Once you have seen all the words in succession, they will all appear in a list. Drag and drop the words to rearrange them such that the top word corresponds to the first word you saw while the bottom was the last.

3 memory exercises added

As promised, I have just uploaded the first batch of new memory exercises. Check them out and let me know what you think.

Photo Tracker – keep track of which of the images you have already clicked on as they shuffle around the board
Object Memory – remember the shape and color of various human silhouettes and then pick them out from a crowd
Spatial Memory – in this game, you need to remember the location of the various shapes and the reposition them once they are moved

2 more coming tomorrow….

Spatial Memory

The object of this memory game is to remember the location of each of the shapes.

You will be presented with a series of shapes arranged randomly on the screen and given a few moments to memorize their location. Then, the pieces will moved to the top left corner and you will have to drag them and place them as they were originally.

Your score is based on how close you are with each shape. Once you hit ‘All Done’ to submit your guesses, the actual locations will flash briefly so you can compare

Memory Program on the way

I’ve been working the past couple days on rebuilding a number of the memory games I used in the earlier, very-limited release of my memory program. Some of the games from this previous project are already available somewhere on the site, either in the Memory Game section, the memory portion of the brain fitness program, or within Brainball, but there will be at least 4 new games/exercise coming your way in the next few days.

Eventually I will integrate all these different memory games together into some sort of larger, more organized entity with score tracking, stats, etc. For now, they will just be stand-alone exercises, but will be playable at 5 different difficulty levels depending on where you are at and how much you want to push yourself.

Object Memory

In this memory exercise, you will be presented with a group of colored shapes and asked to remember them. At this point, the shapes are in the form of humans in various poses.

You will have some time to commit these shapes into your memory before they vanish. You will then see a grid of similar pieces and you must click on the ones presented in step 1.

Your score is based on how many target pieces you find and how many mistakes you make. Your progress is displayed in the top right corner.


Doors of Memory



Color Match

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