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Typically this website focuses on online brain games, but just for a brief diversion I will direct you a resource for downloadable, offline mind games and brain fitness programs. This website has a long and lengthy list of different software programs related to mind exercises and brain games.

Brain Fitness Pilot Project

New evidence towards the efficacy of brain fitness is now emerging from Australia where they just completed their Brain Fitness Pilot Program. Among their findings were:

  • Participants found improvements in their memory and were able to follow conversations better.
  • Brain has the ability to change in response to new learning.
  • Exercising the brain reduces the risk of developing dementia in later years.

The study consisted of a variety of older participants, people in their 60s, 70s and 80s who spent just two hours a week doing structured brain exercises. After an 8-week period, a majority of participants reported an improvement in their train of thought and could remember names and shopping lists better, while another 70 percent found an improvement in their hearing and their ability to follow and remember conversations.

Encouraging news for anyone worried that their mind might be slipping! Would you be willing to spend two hours a week doing brain training if it meant a healthier sharper mind? That’s just 20 minutes a day!

TLS Brain Training

TLS Brain Training entertains and challenges you with a mix of exciting new games and proven, well-loved favourites. Unlike our competitors, our puzzles are fun and have staying power; each is playable many times without becoming tedious or repetitive. With a simple, elegant and content rich interface, we have the ideal product to help train your brain!

Brain Fitness Programs and Websites

I figured it would be helpful for me from a business perspective, as well as for you for entertainment/enrichment purposes, to have a catalog of all the other websites offering brain fitness programs or some other collection of brain games/exercises. So I am setting off to compile such a list. At first, I expect it will start of very simply – just names and urls – but eventually I would like to make it more like a catalog/review of the various brain fitness programs around the web. For starters, I am going to divide them into two sections, one containing more ‘clinical’, ‘professional’ programs and another focused more on casual brain games, brainteasers and puzzles.

Brain Fitness Programs
CogniFit Personal Coach – $20/mo
Lumosity – $80/yr with limited free trial, 20+ games targeting speed, attention, memory, problem solving and flexibility
Happy Neuron – $10/mo with limited free trial, 35 online games plus 5 Wii games
Mind360 – 8 games, free at the moment since it’s in beta mode
BrainGymmer – play 3 brain training games for free, make cognitive tests, upgrade to a premium membership for full access and your personal progress screen, offers various brain training memberships , pricing from $3.65 per month. Training areas: Memory, Visual Perception, Attention, Processing Speed, Logical Thinking.
MindFlow – this looks really interesting, I plan to look more into this and may dedicate a future post to it
FitBrains – Memory, Concentration, VisuoSpatial, Executive Functions, Language

(software purchase)
BrainBuilder – $200 for purchase of software which includes brain games, exercises, music and a brain coach
Posit Science – $395 for purchase of software consisting of 6 games
MindSparke – $47 for single user, $72 for family pack

Brain Games, Brainteasers and Mind Puzzles
Cognitive Labs
Games for the Brain
BrainTraining 101

And I found a few other interesting things as I surfed about:
- I came across a website called which has much more detailed reviews of a lot of the above websites.
- I also found something called The Brain Muscle Workout which I am including here as an aside. It might seem overdone or gimmicky – perhaps it is, I certainly haven’t tried it – but I definitely believe that doing physical workouts and exercises of specific motor and coordination activities can positively impact overall mental health and ability.
- Again straying a little from games and exercises but staying on the main topic of brain fitness, you might want to look into Dynamic Mental Fitness
- A new blog on the industry: Brain Fitness Trends
- A guide dedicated to the science and practice of improving your mind: Brain Guide

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