BrainBall Task 2.16

This is a interesting game of memory. You will be presented with a series of pieces, each of which is labeled with a number. This number indicates how long the piece will remain active, in seconds.
When you are presented with a piece, you can drag it and place it into any one of the empty boxes. Once you do so, the box will close (obscuring the piece) and the piece will begin its countdown.
The object is to track each piece you place and try to reveal it (by clicking on the box to open it) right before it reaches the end of its countdown. The closer the countdown is to 0 when you reveal the piece, the better you will score. However, if you wait to long the piece will expire and you will get no points.
There are a total of 12 boxes for you to use, so you can have up to 12 pieces in play at one time. You may place a piece in any open box.


Multi-Task v1

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