BrainBall Task 2.13

This is a game of math and strategy. The game board consists of a grid of (blue) numbers and a bunch of (yellow) numbers. The object of the game is to use the yellow numbers to eliminate the blue numbers from the board.
To play, drag a yellow piece onto the boundary between two of the blue numbers. If the numerical difference between the two blue numbers is equal to the value displayed on the yellow number, the numbers will vanish and the board will readjust (empty columns/rows will collapse).

BrainBall Task 2.4

The goal of the game is to group numbers together such that they add up to 100 – or as close as possible.
Move pieces from the game board to the adding queue by clicking on them. Once you’ve added a piece you may not remove it.
Add as many numbers as you want to the queue. Once the total of the queued numbers exceeds 100 they will automatically submit.
You will score best if you hit 100 exactly, but you will earn points for any number less than 110.
Continue making groups of 100 until time expires.

Blankout #9

Blankout #8

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Number Crunch

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