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As I announced a month or so ago, I am starting up an arcade of mind games that are not my own. I have decided to provide this content to diversify the sorts of challenges this site can offer and also offer something to those of you who are looking for fancier graphics or more complex game play. Anyway, I have just spend a few hours working on this (and by that I mean playing a lot of games :) ) and I now have 15 games up there in 10 different categories of cognition. There’s a great game of attention and reaction speed, a 3d memory puzzle, and some neat physics-based problem solving games. Please check out this new brain fitness arcade and share it with your friends!

Brain Fitness Arcade

online puzzlesHey all. Just to give you a preview, I am currently working on populating a brain game arcade for your use and pleasure. The idea is to get together all the best games on the web and organize them by the cognitive skills they test. This way I will be able to provide you with a larger selection of games and mental challenges will still providing them in a context for mental engagement. It will take awhile before I get the arcade fully stocked, but there will definitely be some games on their to choose from within the next week.


This logic game is a spin-off from one of the BrainBall tasks. The object is to eliminate the pieces from the board while creating as many color matches as possible. Success requires a great deal of planning, making this a great brain exercise!

Typing Zone

This fun typing game rewards consistency and accuracy over speed. If you can get in a ‘typing zone’ and go long stretches without mis-typing any letters or missing any words, your score for each word will increase and increase. However, as soon as you make a typo or fail to complete a word before it reaches the bottom, your word score will reset and you will need to begin your streaks anew. (more…)

Word Tease #10

Brain Buddies

Well, it makes me very frustrated to come across this sort of stuff – knowing that with a little luck and a little more resources this could have been BrainBall – but here is a tale of another Brain competition making it big on FaceBook. The game is called Brain Buddies and apparently it’s adding 100,000 users daily.


interesting sites I’ve found

Here are a few interesting websites I’ve come across recently which focus on brain games or mind puzzles:

Smart-Kit – a collection of word puzzles, math puzzles, hidden object, cryptograms & riddles, made with love. seems to be quite active

Who Has the Biggest Brain – a wildly popular Facebook game, clearly a BrainBall rip-off :)

Brain Challenge HD – brain training software available for download. training in visual, memory, logic, math and focus

the role of video games in education and learning

For those of you who are interested in learning more about how online games can help strengthen your mind, here are a couple articles you might be interested in reading:

Video Games in Increasing Brain Power: a summary of the various mental faculties targeted by video games

Or, if you want something a little more in depth, SharpBrains has recently released a book on the subject called The SharpBrains Guide to Brain Fitness. It is a compilation of interviews with scientists, product reviews and general tips on how to keep your mind sharp as you age.

Indie Games Blog

IndieGames.com complies information about the latest and greatest in the world of independent online gaming. Hosted by the folks that run Gamasutra and GameDeveloper, this blog offers weekly reviews of the internet’s newest and most interesting independent games.

bad economy good for games?

I suppose this makes sense. During an economic downturn, when surplus cash is in short supply, people are going to be looking to get more bang for their buck. Rather than taking expensive vacations, or buying fancy but short-lived toys, people may instead turn towards games which are a cheap source of entertainment and potential centerpieces of social engagements. According to this article, boardgame sales rose 2% in 2008 which is in stark contrast to most other industries which contracted considerably.

The Online Brain Games Blog

Looking for another source of information about the latest in brain games and mental fitness? Gary D has made a blog just for that purpose, appropriately titled Online Brain Games Blog. From Gary, on why he started the blog:

With so many people looking for ways to improve their brain function, the internet has exploded with websites feeding this need. There are literally thousands of sites on the subject of brain fitness and brain games. The onlinebraingamesblog was created to help sort out the best of the best from these sites.



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