BrainBall Task 2.7

Seek out the target picture in the grid and click on it.
If you are correct you will get a new target and a new grid. Otherwise your incorrect guess will disappear and you need to continue looking.

BrainBall Task 2.8

The object of this task is to locate the group of colors within the grid. The colors must appear just as they do in the target piece.
Each target piece is a 3×3 grid of colored squares.
As you mouse over an individual square within the target grid, its associated 3×3 group becomes highlighed. When you have the correct group highlighted, click to make your selection.
Your score is based on how many targets you find versus how many incorrect guesses you make.

BrainBall Task 2.3

This is a game of focus and visual processing. You need to pay attention to two different grids of numbers and determine their similarity.
Every few seconds, a set of 5 numbers within the right and left grids will light up. Look for the one number that is highlighted in both grids.
When you determine the overlapping number, click on it in the center grid. You make make only one guess per set of numbers

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