Typing Test FAQ

Here are a few notes, tips and answers that will help you better understand BrainBall.

The Typing Test is played in seasons. Each season consists of 5 games that take place over the 5 weekdays. Ideally, you want to login once daily to play the day’s game.

Each day’s game begins at 8:00 GMT (2:00a EST) and lasts for 24 hours. The day’s game can only be played once, but the practice games can be played as much as you like at any time.

To play, register an account, login and then choose play today’s typing test. You will then be taken through a series of 5 short tasks preceded by instructions.

Each day that you play, you will receive a score based on how you perform in the games relative to all the other players. Since all players face the same content, everyone playing over the course of the day will experience the same challenges and the same luck. These individual daily scores will be added up over the course of the season to decide the winner.

If your game is interrupted, you can revisit the site and continue where you left off. However, once you begin a task, you may not play it again, even if you are unable to post a valid score. Since the content for the game is the same, playing a task a second time through confers an unfair advantage.

If you would like to know more about the stats and the scoring process, read about the scoring.

If you are encountering any problems with the game, please contact me.

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