About WordBall

Each day of WordBall represents one game in a season of 5 games. Each day’s game begins at 7:00 AM GMT / 2:00 AM EST and last 23.5 hours (you cannot play in the last half hour of the day).

Each day’s game consists of 5 different tasks. Collectively they will challenge numerous different mental abilities. Each task is approximately 1-2 minutes long so the whole game should take roughly 10 minutes.

Your scores for each of the 5 tasks are recorded. At the end of the day, all the scores are analyzed and each player is assigned a score for the day based on how they perform relative to the rest of the players. These scores are tallied from day to day to determine the season leaders, and eventually, the season winner.

In order to make the playing field even, the content for each task is exactly the same for everyone who plays. Furthermore, you may only play the day’s game one time, and you may only have one account.

Unlike BrainBall, the tasks in WordBall are fixed and remain the same from season to season.

In short, you login each day, view your results from the previous game, and then play the new game.


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